Sunday July 7th ride CANCELLED

Ride cancelled. There is a high POP for the rest of the day, with thunderstorms. Looks like the clouds are appearing quickly, and it would be unwise to do a ride with the threat of lightning.

Let's call this the big epic of the summer, 130k with lots of climbing (Sydenham, Snake Rd, Rattlesnake).

Some gravel on the way out (to save kms) but otherswise smooth.  Lots of water and food stops along the way.



  1. Epic is not about what you actually do. It is all about how you imagine yourself. That is the way of the Rapha.

  2. Not very epic after all 🙁

  3. Strava-Rahpa-Ãœber-epic!

  4. It would be Rapha Ãœber epic if we did it in the rain!

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