Sunday, July 21 ride | 9:00 a.m.

A route to the east of modest distance, with a stop at The Shed Coffee Bar in Erin. Looks like the oppressive heat will break in time for our ride, and we may even enjoy a tailwind on the return leg.


An SRCC Moment
Chillin' out and looking cool (Gabhan in particular) at The Shed in Erin.




  1. No comment. That got kinda dark…

  2. Come to blows? Holy cow dude Relax. I can understand you being pretty upset at losing the fantasy league I guess, but your not getting all tough guy on an internet forum on me i hope.
    I am tranquiilo but if you want to challenge me dude, Bring it on!
    so heres what I’m thinking, we can have a contest on or off the bike, I’m good either way. The on bike challenge will be a rattlesnake hill climb but not just the usual one ride up, this will be three times, best two out of three takes it. The winner gets to do the 4th ride totally naked! if for some odd reason he doesn’t want to then the loser becomes the winners “domestique, for a week.”
    this will involve things such as carrying the winners second water bottle, pulling into the wind or bringing him back to the pack on tuesdays. Chasing down breakaways, Fast lead outs for hill climbs, holding the winners bike while he pees, changing flats, And taking the winners pulls whenever asked.
    I know the last contest we had did not end so well for some of the people involved, but I think this one has far less risk for you as you can’t get hurt if you fall only going 1.7 km/hour up the climb.
    or alternatively we could do the old standby, testicle shots, your choice. Keep in mind some substances cause testicle atrophy, so it may not be a fair contest…

  3. Just trying to digest that sweet sandwhich..

  4. Ah Cory… it’s going to come to blows eventually isn’t it? Tell me I’m wrong…
    Also, Jay looks destroyed 🙂

  5. Everyone looks pretty happy except GC as usual, so was he just showing off on the rollers James or was it personal?

  6. Good ride on a great day. Averaged 30.3 kph despite the undulating terrain and elusive tailwind, thanks to everyone sharing the load and Gabhan’s ‘tough love’ pacesetting on the rollers.

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