Sunday Combined Ride 8 AM: All hail the mighty Dar

Dar’s Delights has been a staple in the metropolis of Moffat since I can remember. Hers is a unique combination, to say the least: fine baked goods – the doughnuts are simply outstanding – paired with a personality so curmudgeonly it borders on parody. And don’t ask to use the bathroom unless you want to be stabbed in the neck with a set of metal tongs. Soon, however, Dar’s Delights will be no more: she is closing in early September to “enjoy” retirement. I, for one, will miss both the fruits of her labour and her unique world view. Only a heart of gold produces treats that good, hidden as it may be under layers of fully-formed crust. On Sunday, we will pay homage to Dar by swinging by to sample her wares and take some of her crap. It will be a combined ride, a mediumish distance done at the fastest pace the group can sustain. We will eat doughnuts, if there are any left, and revel in an experience that will soon be just a tasty, and inherently complex, memory.

Speed will be between 29-31 kph average

GCC members only. To become a member join HERE

Advance sign-up required. Reserve your spot by clicking HERE

Start Time: please be ready to pedal at 8:00 AM

Start Location: East End Library at Starwood and Watson

Check here for weather cancellation posted no less than one hour before the ride begins

Route: The Sunday Ride will be following the map below

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