Sunday April 6th ride, 11am

The first SRCC ride of the year! Please note the later start time of 11am for Sunday rides in April. The forecast looks a bit chilly, but definitely rideable. Make sure you bring your 2014 club membership card, and have had a look at the new group rotation format.

All club rides now start from the Guelph Public Library on Starwood Drive, so if you see somebody looking lost at Planet Bean, please let them know.

There will be an option to turn off just north of Guelph Lake, which will trim 20k off of the ride.

Let the season begin! (Please note that the previous route had something to do with April Fool's, nobody really wants to do repeats of Rattlesnake).



  1. I’m hoping that everybody got that the proposed route (now replaced) was a joke. If you were looking forward to that, you should get your head examined…

  2. GC is hardcore! If that route doesn’t destroy your legs nothing will. We are going to do the social rotation up rattlesnake as well I hope.

  3. Anyone up for a pre-ride spin before hand, maybe a quick 60k?

  4. We could shorten it to 6, but they would have to be full gas.

  5. I don’t know, 7 trips up Rattlesnake on our first club ride of the year might just be pushing it a little. I guess we can give it a try……

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