Sunday, 8:00 am Sept. 1 – B Ride

This ride takes us to St. George for a rest stop then a little more south then east and finally north toward home. There is a 60% chance of showers but that could and probably will change. Update: There is a slight alteration to the route to avoid construction coming back into Guelph. Instead of turning onto Concession 2 we will take Concession 1 over to Leslie Rd and up Victoria. Very minor. Weather looks great with a 30% POP.


  1. Good suggestion. That is what we will do. Thanks, Ken.

  2. Hey Andy,
    I rode the route today and you’ll want to make a change to avoid a road closure. Concession 7 is closed where you make a left turn just over the 401. The only option is to go right and then onto Brock Road with lots of roundabout construction and traffic. You probably should turn right onto Concession 1 from 35, instead of Concession 2, and continue onto Leslie, then Victoria.

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