Saturday November 16th 1:00pm ride (unofficial ride)

There will be a ride going out Saturday at 1:00 PM from Planet Bean, please note this is not an official club ride.

Everyone welcome, distance between 60-90 km.




  1. Thanks gentlemen. My legs are thoroughly drained.

  2. I didn’t expect to meet the man with the hammer today. Thanks for waiting up after the 6th line hill, but it was not to be. I made my way back and am now eating humble pie…literally. -Wilfred

  3. Well that was pretty awesome! weather was great, riders were great. A lot of hard work and pain for this time of the year, yeah.
    Personally the sixth line hill was hellish but thankfully the pace slowed down and the wind let up after that…
    I think we had 13 riders which has to be a record for a November ride. Good to see so many people share the same feeling towards indoor training.
    Thanks to everyone for coming out.

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