OCA Licenses now available

OCA licences are now available online HERE


2013 Pricing:

$158 Cycling Canada Race License (All Disciplines)

$55 Citizen Permit


Either of these licences will save you the SRCC club insurance fee ($39) and will let you race in various OCA-sanctioned events (see OCA website for details).


  1. To race Road O-Cups, except in the new ‘Sportif’ category, you’ll need the UCI..
    For other races, like Terra Cotta, Tour de Hans (don’t quote me, just non-O-Cup examples) they often allow citizen permits. Event specific sometimes.

  2. A full UCI licence will let you do basically any and all racing, including racing in different countries.
    A Citizen Permit is good for people who:
    – only do a few races in the year
    – can only race in the beginner categories, there is no opportunity to move up
    Here are two good explanations from the OCA:

  3. Can someone explain the difference between a Citizen Permit and a Race License?

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