Niagara 200km – Remote Start – June 15

Saturday Destination Ride | June 15, 2024 | Start at 19 Bascary Cres, St. Catharines, ON

THIS IS A REMOTE START, VERY LONG DISTANCE RIDE. PLEASE READ EVERYTHING IN DETAIL – There will NOT be a sag wagon (no driver to rescue you). You are responsible for getting yourself to and from the start lines.

The time has come! We will be touring the vineyards, escarpment, and waterways of the Niagara Region. Lunch and Coffee stops are available on route with a BBQ at the finish line. This will be the first of two 200km rides that will act as qualifiers for the GCC 300km ride later this year. We’ll be doing a remote start from my folks place in St. Catharines. Please anticipate traffic if you are driving down the morning of. The group will leave at 8AM sharp, so it is recommended you arrive by 7:30am to get your gear in order. Bring money for coffee and lunch stops, bonking on this ride will not be a fun time. Tail lights as always are a good idea.

Food is paramount when riding distances like this. Do not skip out on an opportunity to eat at one of the stops, you will have a much nicer time if you are well fueled.

Once you reach the finish line we will be celebrating your big accomplishment, my parents will be running the BBQ with burgers, sausages, and a celebratory beer available. Please Drink Responsibly especially if you are driving.

Talk with your friends, coordinate carpooling to save gas money and minimize the number of cars in my parents neighborhood.

This route concentrates all of its elevation gain and loss in 5 key areas. Please review the course and prepare accordingly. Niagara has some excellent MUP’s located along the Welland Canal and Niagara River. In peak summer there will be other trail users on these paths. Yield to pedestrians, slow down and call your passes. (Route specific info is available in the RWGPS file)

  • Most GCC riders have never taken on a ride longer than 160km before. Distances like this require more prep work than shorter distance rides. Considering this, we have some mandatory gear that everyone must bring. We might prevent you from riding if you do not have the following at the start.
    • Flat Kits
    • Pump
    • Multi Tool
    • 2 Bottles
    • Cell Phone
    • Snacks and Electrolytes
    • Front and Rear Lights
    • Money for refuel stops

Recommended Gear

  • Some nice to haves that may make your experience more enjoyable
    • Sunscreen
    • Lip Chap (8+ hours on the bike can lead to extra dryness)
    • Chamois Cream
    • Gloves
    • Rain Gear

Load the route on your bike computer if you have one, here’s how.

All rides need a minimum of 3 members signed up in order to officially run. If a ride has the required number of riders, but no Group Captain riding with them, that group ride will be considered cancelled. The group can decide among themselves to hold an ‘unofficial’ ride and follow the route. All group riders take it upon themselves to know the route and are responsible for their own safety.

Ride groups will be:

NameDistanceAverage Moving Speed
Blast (R1,R2)214km30ish kph
Fast (R3,R4)214km26-27 kph
Relaxed (R5,R6)214km<26 kph
It is very, extremely, mega highly recommended that you have at least one 100km+ ride completed at one of the above speeds in 2024 prior to participating. Whatever group you choose to ride in, you will likely be working hard by the end.

GCC members only. To become a member join HERE

Advance sign-up required. Reserve your spot by clicking HERE

Start Time: please be ready to pedal at 8:00 AM

Start Location: 19 Bascary Cres, St. Catharines, ON

Check here for weather cancellation posted no less than one hour before the ride begins

DRIVING/PARKING: Let’s try to carpool. The start (19 Bascary Cres, St Catharines, ON) is in the suburbs on the edge of town. There is on street parking. Please be respectful of neighbours and of traffic laws. DO NOT block driveways or fire hydrants. There is a park “Shauna Park” around the corner that has a parking lot if you, for some reason can’t find parking.

Route: The Grand Tour Longer Distance Ride will be following the map below

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