New for 2014: Discussion Forum

Back by popular demand, we have added a discussion forum to the website (see the tab at the top right?)

It does come with a few unsightly advertisements which can be blocked if desired. Adblock for ChromeFirefox, or even Internet Explorer (if that's what you're into) is an excellent tool for blocking all sorts of advertising on the internet.

Setting up an account is easy, so get started discussing training, local and pro events, or even complaining about the winter. The classifieds section has also been moved there as well.

– The SRCC Exec


  1. I am curious, are you on a Mac or Windows when you use AOL?

  2. I’m in awe that somebody is still using IE… wow.

  3. Yeah I guess you can use Adblock if you are such a luddite and cannot figure out how to change the security settings in I.E. Although Adblock allows “acceptable” ads in other words companies that pay them part of the advertising funds so I am not sure how great they are.
    Not sure about Chrome and Firefox, is Firefox still even around?

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