May 30th Thursday night ride, 6:30 pm

Just a
reminder that we'll start in two groups. The first group is for faster
riders that will be pushing the pace. The second group will be fast but
civilized and will pick up any riders dropped from the first group.



  1. Great to see new faces and over 20 riders. good for the club

  2. Great ride in the Gentleman’s Group tonight. We were fast, steady, and well composed on the road. Big thanks to Adam for making sure that everyone was well looked after from start to Finn-ish. Thanks old boy.

  3. Watson is brand new hot tar job from Arkell to Stone. I’m really going to miss that piece of c**p road through Cooks Mill. Cars and bicycles were seen on it after the Wednesday ride, and its Beoootiful

  4. Who do I talk to if I get wet?

  5. Paved all the way for sure, open to local traffic… but we’re local right?
    Might just pass north of us.

  6. Thanks Bayden. Yes, there is a “road closed” sign posted at Stone and Watson, but I saw some cars going through so I did the same. It’s paved all the way. I think we will be OK. I will check it again on the way to the Bean.

  7. Adam, you probably saw last night that Watson is still closed at Arkel. FYI unless you have a sneaky plan.

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