Giro d’Italia starts this Saturday

Looking like a great race this year, lots of climbing and mountain finishes.

A great preview:!

And a great source for watching it on the computer:

Let's see if we can get some discussion going in the comments section!



  1. If you’re interesting in some detailed race info, here’s a link to the official Giro Technical Guide:

  2. Scarponi is allowed to ride (he and Serpa are the Lampre GC guys), he should be good for some fireworks.
    And I’ll say Rafal for DFL/DNF, you choose.

  3. Isn’t Scarponi still under suspension for working with Ferrari?
    Rafal is the GC for Saxo not Astana.

  4. I don’t think Wiggins is going anywhere without Froome; he’ll finish top 10.
    I think the podium with be Sanchez, Scarponi and Nibali. Not sure of the order though.

  5. My bet:
    Wiggins will gain enough time in the TT to survive the mountains with ease.

  6. Sorry forgot to mention the scandal around Cadel Evans, rumors spread about him switching to a new team during the Giro distracting his teammates and management. It comes out that he will be riding for Team Keebler next year, the BMC management angrily responds with the shocking truth about who or should I say, what Cadel really is and why he is uncommonly good!
    After seeing the promo calendar (above) the makers of the bobble heads offer Vincenzo Nibali and Sammy Sanchez a lucrative contract to go on tour as real life Bobbleheads.
    Only Michael Jacksons death a few years ago keeps them from being purchased as part of the worlds largest Bobblehead collection.
    Robert Gesink is sued by Chuck Lidell for hair copyright infringement and is forced out of the tour in shame.

  7. Well this is tough, is Vino still retired? Gabhan’s choices seem really risky here’s why. Wiggins will crash out and because he is very physically tough he will continue but his injuries will be too much to allow him to win, that plus his prolific use of the F-word will cause his tongue to dry out and get stuck in his throat, only a emergency rescue effort by Schleck will keep him from choking but will cause Schleck the race as the other riders don’t wait…again.
    Nibali is going to have a bad day in the mountains (again…), with severe leg cramps and lose a lot of time.
    Ryder is not going to be in contention sadly, but a top 15 finish will make him proud.
    I think Rafal Majka from Astana will take it. The 23 year old has been designated the GC rider for Astana which is always a smart choice with a newer pro to expose them to as much GT pressure as possible, giving them a head start on other new riders.
    If Schleck races it he should be good for second.
    Finally Kloden from the Shack for third, with his strong time trialing and decent climbing he will be the shacks best GC option.
    Podium Rafal, Schleck, and Kloden.

  8. I will be at the finish for the San Salvo to Pescara stage. Can’t wait!

  9. I thought Garmin looked good last week at LBL. Maybe a repeat this year…

  10. I’ll go with Wiggins for pink (Nibali a close second) and Cavendish mopping up the sprints.

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