Free winter training sessions start January 14th

The club will offering free indoor training sessions every Tuesday night from January 14 to March 18.

Where: CrossFit Guelph, 340 Edinburgh Road North (NEW Crossfit Guelph location, not the same as last winter) HERE is a more detailed map, the entrance is a bit difficult to find.

Start time: 8:30 p.m. (Feel free to arrive any time after 8:15, as there are other classes going on.)

The sessions will be approximately 60 to 90 minutes in length and riders will need to bring an indoor trainer and a bike. Everyone welcome!

Please be aware that outdoor shoes may not be worn in the gym area.


  1. Positive start to the indoor sessions this week. 10 riders showed up on Tues night. The guys on the rollers didn’t fall off and no one got dropped… Be sure to look at the directions, its hard to find, the entrance is actually behind the building that faces Edinburgh.

  2. Thanks for the pm Gabhan! I will bring my own liquid and unfortunately my Zune crashed on me so I won’t be bringing any tunes hopefully someone will have some.
    Thanks Norm

  3. This sounds Great Gahban!
    I Have a few questions.
    Do you need to be a member to come out? I haven’t yet signed up but will be once summer rolls around. I am coming back from a repetitive strain injury to my neck so want to wait to see how it feels before I sign up.
    Was wondering what the music options will be, I have a great collection of songs that I can bring that are awe inspiring, bands like foreigner and Manfred Mann that I will gladly share with the class from my Zune mp3 player.
    I was also wondering if there will be any sort of sports drinks available? Nothing fancy but often I am rushed for time so even some basic hydration like Gatorade G2 or even Powerade would do.
    Thanks, look forward to sweating with the club!

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