DISCORD is our Club Forum

The new GCC Discord ‘Server’ is live and for club members only!

This is GCC’s new communications app for phone, web and desktop. With it, you can organize, hear about and attend unofficial rides, access buy and sell, live chat during Zwift rides, stay current with specific topics, etc, etc, etc…

Download DISCORD for any device here.

You can use it on your phone, from a web browser, a stand-alone desk top app or log into the GCC DISCORD ‘Server’ in the window below and access directly through this page.

Or click here to start DISCORD in a new browser window.

Details for members on how to use it are in the club Newsletter you received on Tuesday Sept 6th.

If this is your first time using Discord, don’t worry — here’s what you need to know. Discord is an instant messaging, voice and video chat platform that allows anyone to set up their own private group, called a server, where they can invite friends to join and chat about common interests. If this is your first time on Discord, then the GCC server is probably the only one you can see. But there are lots of servers out there, and when you’re subscribed to more than one, you’ll see them arranged as a list of icons on the far left of your screen, like this:


Servers are divided into channels, each with its own discussion topic. Every channel has a name starting with the # symbol. In a channel, any user can type a message and it will appear immediately for all other users in the channel. On the left side of your screen, you’ll see the list of channels in the server, arranged into categories. Right now, you’re reading this is the “How To Use Discord” channel. To visit another channel, just click on the name in the list. If you’re not sure what a channel is for, there will be a channel description at the top of your screen when you open a channel.

The channel list looks like this:


We have channels like General, Buy and Sell, The Workshop, Cyclocross, Unofficial Road Rides, Unofficial Gravel Rides, Unofficial MTB Rides, Zwift Chat etc. And there are also channels where members are encouraged to set up their own unofficial group rides. Anything you post in a channel can be seen by everyone else. If you want to message someone privately, just right-click on their name and choose “message” to open a one-on-one conversation thread, which only you two can see.