Congrats to all Paris to Ancaster racers

It was a cold and windy edition, but the club had a great showing! Look to the forum for some possible race re-caps and war stories. Here are some brief results, let me know if I missed anybody.

PlaceNameCategoryCat PlaceGender PlaceTimeGapSpeedWave
32FEDOSOV, JamesLM20-296/10130/12812h 19′ 51″0h 11′ 33″29.4EVIP
68DENNIS, MichaelLM40-4919/42666/12812h 24′ 59″0h 16′ 41″28.3EVIP
89PRIEUR, AaronLM30-3934/29286/12812h 26′ 00″0h 17′ 43″28.2EVIP
127CHAPPEL, MarkLM40-4942/425121/12812h 30′ 39″0h 22′ 22″27.3W1
130ROSE, JoelLM40-4944/426124/12812h 31′ 12″0h 22′ 54″27.2EVIP
142LEFEBVRE, AlexLM20-2917/101136/12812h 32′ 47″0h 24′ 29″26.9EVIP
209HARVEY, PhilipLM40-4971/425198/12812h 39′ 20″0h 31′ 02″25.8W1
235DREWITT, GordonLM40-4980/425223/12812h 42′ 29″0h 34′ 11″25.3W1
398MAHON, CameronLM50-5954/282375/12812h 57′ 26″0h 49′ 08″23.2W4
427LYLE, RichLM30-39129/293404/12812h 59′ 17″0h 50′ 59″22.9W3
449FERWERDA, RonaldLXMSS6/22424/12813h 00′ 42″0h 52′ 24″22.7W2
488FERWERDA, WilfredLXMSS8/22461/12813h 03′ 25″0h 55′ 07″22.4W2
509MAXWELL, JmeLM40-49171/425481/12813h 05′ 08″0h 56′ 51″22.2W4
662CALCAGNO, LorenzLM50-59115/282615/12813h 17′ 35″1h 09′ 17″20.8W4
953PLATER FINDLAY, MichaelLM40-49302/425872/12813h 45′ 19″1h 37′ 01″18.2W4
988COOPER, KirstenLF50-5905-Dec86/1453h 48′ 29″1h 40′ 11″18W4

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  1. Despite 2 wipeouts in the mud and a mechanical, Ronnie still beat me by 3 minutes. Maybe I should have asked Steve Head for a motor check at the finish line? Or is this a Rule 5 moment… i.e. HTFU, little brother!

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