Club Kit Store Open Again!

You may have been waiting for it, or it may just be a pleasant surprise, but either way we’re happy to announce a second club kit order window for the year. Starting right now until Friday August 21st! Head to to begin shopping.

Some further details for you, in FAQ fashion:

What if I don’t know my size?
Sugoi Custom has an excellent Fit and Sizing Guide for their custom gear. It goes over the different fit options for each model on offer (ie., RS versus Evolution fit differences), and has Sizing Charts that allow you to order the right size with confidence.

I am really on the fence about sizing. Is there a fit kit?
Unfortunately we can’t offer a fit kit at the moment. The Fit and Sizing Guide is very accurate however and worse case our members have been able to sell items that didn’t fit on our club forum.

Is this the last chance in 2020 to order SRCC club kit?
Yes! The next window will be early in 2021.

I really loved coming into Speed River Bicycle to pick up my kit and drop snacks off for the mechanics who work on my bike there. Do I have to get it shipped to my house for $15?
Unfortunately, yes. Offering $15 flat shipping to have the kit delivered to your home streamlines the entire process of getting your order to you. Having Sugoi pack and mail orders reduces any confusion with orders, and gets you your fresh new kit faster!

Why are there two different colour jerseys available?
Great question! As cycling and vulnerable road-user’s safety comes to the forefront, we worked with one of our sponsors (Even Construction) to offer a brighter, more visible yellow kit. Now you don’t have to choose between representing your favourite local cycling club and upping your safety! Please note: our “official” jersey (for racing purposes, if you choose to represent SRCC at OCA events) remains the blue jersey. 

I have a question that wasn’t covered here. Who do I contact?
Please send any questions you might have regarding our 2020 kit order to our Vice President, Rich Lyle at

Hope you are staying safe and enjoying the great weather,

Your SRCC Board

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