Sunday Road Ride | Sept 12 @ 8:00am

UPDATE: Ride is on. There is a chance of light rain.

This is a recreational “Century Ride” (27 kph average speed) with an extended “Climber’s Edition” at pace (30 kph average speed). Both versions include a coffee/butter tart stop in Carlisle, but who will arrive first? Care to place a wager? If you haven’t done a 100 km group ride or climbed Rattlesnake yet this summer, one of these versions is for you.

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There is a 50% chance of rain. The final call will be made at 7AM on Sunday morning.

Sunday August 16th 8:00 AM Road Ride – Moderate 89K

UPDATE: RIDE IS ON. We may shorten the ride and the pit stop to get home before the forecasted showers. Let’s try Gabhan’s (ie, Meg’s) ride from last week again– nice meander east of the city. There will be a pit stop at Andrew’s Farm Market at 50K, bring a mask and some money for that. This nice little road ride will have you back in time for lunch.

Start time: 8 AM 

Start location: The Guelph East End Public Library. Plenty of parking for those arriving by car. 

Check back here for weather cancellation announcement, it will be posted no less than one hour before the ride.

To join the ride, you will need to complete and submit the sign-up form, found HERE. All steps listed in the form MUST be completed.

Thursday A/B/C | Aug 15th 6:30 pm

My apologies–I thought I had this set to publish automatically during last night’s ride. Here it is now>>We’ll head out Hume/25 SR to Dublin Line (watch for potholes!), then back via Rd 50 thru Rockwood and Eden Mills. The 8 km finishing circuit for the Hammering ‘A’s’ returns to Hume and then back over Sharkey Hill to the church in Arkell. Bring lights.

Thursday A/B/C 6:30pm: The Solstice Ride

UPDATE: RIDE CANCELLED due to rain. Feel free to meet for an unofficial ride if getting wet is part of how you roll. May the sirens of solstice be with you.

Welcome to the (almost) longest day of the year. This ride heads westward so we’ll hit some roads that are less travelled as club rides—such as Chilligo Rd (one of my favourites). The A/B’s will ride the full 80 kms to Maryhill and Ariss. The C’s will turn off onto Speedvale at Mosborough to keep it to 65 Km. Be careful when crossing Highway 6 on Leslie Rd at Puslinch. It can be busy. Also the A/B’s will be crossing Highway 7 at Woolwich-Guelph Townline, which turns, into a (smooth) gravel road for a couple kms. The official ride ends at The Wooly, but it’s not the Club Social Night—that’s next week. That said, there’s nothing stopping you from patronizing one of our sponsors. Toast to the Summer Solstice deity of your choice.

Thursday April 18th ABC Rides | 6:00pm

RIDE CANCELLED: According to Environment Canada, the likelihood of rain after 6:00 is high. Also there is a risk of a thunderstorm. Feel free to meet at the East Library at 6:00 and enjoy a non-club ride with the possibility of getting wet.

UPDATE: Showers and risk of thunderstorms are in the forecast. Go-No Go call will be made by 5:00 at the latest.

This ride takes us out near Acton and back through Rockwood and Eden Mills. The A Group will duke it out on the 8km finishing circuit. (The end point on the map shows a beer mug at the Wooly, but that’s not until next week when we gather for a Club Social!). Bring lights.

Thursday A/B – July 26th, 6:30pm + Club Social at The Wooly, 9:00ish

EDIT#2…It’s a close call, but a severe thunderstorm warning exists so the SRCC RIDE IS CANCELLED. See you at the Wooly!! A band thunderstorms is coming through. I will make the call by 5:00pm. If the ride is cancelled, the Club Social will still be on–and will start earlier, like 7:30. It’s the end of the month, clubbies! That mean’s Thursday’s ride is all about the beer. Let’s do a quickie out to Dublin Line to give you time to shower up and head out to The Wooly for the Club Social (kizzle! will be proud). The A Group will be up to their usual shenanigans so that there will be stories to tell at the pub. The B Group will work together in a steady, double pace line with short pulls to maintain decent speed and eliminate surges. All club members welcome at the social.

Thursday A/B Rides June 21 | 6:30pm

Tell your loved ones that tonight–it’s all about the bike! The longest day of the year = the longest Thursday ride of the year. This route takes us down some nice roads past Puslinch Lake, Chilligo Road and Maryhill. Take care when crossing Highways 6 and 7. There is short gravel “secteur” just north of Hwy 7. Check the map–it’s slightly different than last year. We’ll have maximum daylight, but the B Group will be pushing 32 kph to make it back in decent time. Bring lights.

Thursday May 24th A and B rides | 6:30pm

The conditions are perfect for riding an expensive bicycle with your friends. Let’s head out on a few of our favourite roads and hills. The A Ride will quite likely involve spirited attacks and tomfoolery (32+ kph), but don’t let this stop you from giving it a go. The B Group will stay together at a steady pace (30 – 32 kph) and pick up dropped riders. Bring flashers.

Thursday April 12th A/B rides | 6pm

It looks like it will be windy, but the rain may hold off and the temperature is edging upwards. We’ll take it!! The route has a few hills and a convenient bail-out point coming back on Hume at Watson if your winter legs are complaining. The finishing circuit loops down to the Watsonberg to allow the A riders to attack each other in earnest. B riders will soft pedal after hills to regroup.


RIDE IS CANCELLED. Weather Alert: Some scattered green clouds heading our way on the radar. It might rain a bit.
We’ll let the A Group go for the stage win while the B’s sip champagne and celebrate with a “tour” of some of our favourite roads of the season. The route is rather short due to the waning daylight, but still bring lights. We’re heading over to the Wooly afterwards for a few beers, team food and tales of what could have been.
NOTE: I was body checked by a Nissan Rogue on my way home from work today and hit the deck pretty hard. All is well with bike and bod (and the driver was charged), but as I type this, my limbs are feeling the effects of breaking the fall. Chris has offered to take over as ride leader so you’re good for a great ride. Thanks Chris.

Thursday July 20th A/B ride | 6:30pm

UPDATE: No, not rain…Campbellville Rd underpass under the 401 is out. The alternate is Left onto Appleby from Campbellville, Right onto Limestone, Right onto Canyon, Left onto Campbell and continue with the ride. This one’s for Gabhan. He tried to make this ride happen a few times this season but it rained. Major decent down 6th Line. Bring lights.

Thursday A/B Ride | June 22/17 6:30 PM

UPDATE: RIDE IS ON. Forecast says there is a chance of showers so you might get some sprinkles (there’s a small cell approaching but no alerts in affect). NOTE: Andrew Wayne will be your ride leader. The ride takes us into enemy territory so memorize the map below and keep your heads up. Be careful crossing Hwy’s 6 and 7. The descent on Cooper St in Hespeler is fast and there is construction at the bottom. Don’t miss the quick turn on Fisher Mills off Beaverdale Rd to get to Chilligo. Woolwich/Guelph Townline north of Hwy 7 is hardpack dirt (you’ll like it). The end of the official club ride is the corner of Silvercreek and Woodlawn by the Super 8 Motel. (Pub night at the Wooly is next week Thursday).

Thursday May 18th A/B rides | 6:30pm

**RIDE IS CANCELLED** There is a SEVERE thunderstorm watch in effect. The radar shows small storm cells moving across Southern Ontario north of Guelph. I’m thinking it will miss us, but for everyones safety I’m cancelling the ride. Sorry for the late notice.

Here’s a quick recap on our Thursday night rides: The ‘A’ Group is a spirited group ride (32+ kph) with possible attacks (discouraged before halfway point). Dropped riders have the option to wait for and join the trailing ‘B’ Group. The ‘B’ Group does the same route but as a steady/organized group ride (28-32 kph), free of attacks–although some group separation may occur within final five kilometres. The forecast includes possible showers and thunderstorms. Watch here for a final decision in case of cancellation by 5:30 PM.