Sorry for the double edit, but raining hard in kitchener again and heading our way. looked like it was dond but wasnt. playing it safe and calling it off.

Thursday April 25th, 6pm:


  1. 4 of us showed up and we rolled out at about 6:15. We quickly split in to 2 groups of 2. Wilfrid and I did the planned ride, I think ( but we think the other two might have made a wrong turn at Milburough Line. Rain was done pretty much as we started.

  2. posted at 7:02… so how long was that ride of yours? 😉

  3. wasnt that bad.
    if you don’t mind being frigid and wet.

  4. Sorry in advance if anyone goes expecting a big ride! I called it off once on my way home and the rain started again – went from chance of damp to downright dismal.

  5. Haha.
    Can that go down as the best call out ever?
    To all that come to the ride I will regale you with a story about myself fleeing a storm while bayden and derek rode into its teeth to complete their intervals.

  6. Rain is done on my house.
    I’m going and taking a rain jacket.
    Rain isn’t stopping me. Until I get cold. Then I’ll go home.

  7. The weather map seems to suggest it’ll clear by 6, but another small band will pass through around 7.

  8. So do I leave the office, or stay at the office? Hmmmmm….

  9. looks like the weather got nice just in time for riding …
    errrr …

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