2022 Club Kit Store is now closed

If you were hoping to order new Guelph Cycling Club riding apparel for 2022 and haven’t already, we are sorry to say that you have missed the April 20th, 2022 deadline. We did our best to communicate to members past and present and the public through our email newsletters, website postings and social media feeds about the ordering window. We still like you regardless of what your wear and won’t turn you away from joining the club. We’ll be doing this again in early 2023. Hopefully we will see you long before then.

2022 Club Kit Order – April 6th-20th

The kit ordering window is open. Jakroo’s club shop will be open for ordering from Wednesday April 6th until Wednesday April 20th. You can access the club shop here: 

Guelph Cycling Club Kit Store

Please note: This will be the ONLY kit ordering window this season!

This year, club kit includes jerseys, bib shorts, and vests. All items are available in men’s and women’s cuts. The Nova Pro jersey is offered in two different fits, regular fit (a “club fit” style) and slim fit (a “race fit” style).

The navy jersey will be our main jersey, but the jersey is also available in high vis, black, and white versions – choose your own colour adventure this year!

A note about Jakroo’s pricing structure:
Jakroo has a tiered pricing structure based on the quantity ordered. You will not be charged for your order until the shop closes after April 20th. At that time, the final item price will be determined based on the quantity of each item ordered.

For example, after 2 pieces of an item are ordered, the price drops 20%. Once 6 are ordered, the discount goes up to 35%. Once 25 are ordered, the discount increases to 40%. And finally, once more than 50 pieces are ordered, everyone saves 50% on that item!

The order price will be updated on the shop website as orders are placed. And don’t worry – if you’re the first to order, you still get in on final price with the discount once the shop closes!

Jakroo will ship the items directly to you, and their current turnaround is 3 weeks from the shop closing. So we should all have our fancy new kit by early May!

Due to COVID, there is no fit kit available for sampling. Please use Jakroo’s size chart found here to determine your size.

If you’re still unsure of your size, Jakroo offers a ‘Guaranteed Size Recommendation’ service. Prior to placing your order, fill out the Google Form found here and Jakroo will recommend a size to you. If they get it wrong, they will replace it for free!

If you have any questions about the kit ordering process, please contact rich@guelphcyclingclub.ca

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